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About Frog Hollow Miniature Herefords
        Our Miniature Hereford herd started in 2009 with 2 of the best heifers we could find. We ran a dairy operation on our family farm for many years and after the cows sold, the hollow felt a little empty. We saw that first mini calf hit the ground and we were hooked! It's been such a fun ride raising this breed and getting to know countless other Mini Hereford breeders across the country.

        To start our herd foundation, we selected animals from many reputable breeders in the industry. Because of this, we can now offer trusted genetics that we can proudly stand behind. We maintain a herd of about 30-35 head. As we continue to grow our herd, we hope to offer thick, sound, & high quality show prospects and breeding stock. Be sure to check out our Sale-Barn page and feel free to reach out with any questions.